It is fun doing the impossible. Following your dreams, believing in myths and magic, and picturing a surreal world came along with all the Disney movies and science fiction stories we watched or heard as kids. It grew with me until I decided to major in interior architecture.

Breaking the architectural norms and creating spaces that are inspired by the stories of wonderlands and parallel universes from our childhood to design places where imaginations can be re-ignited, with a sense of child-like discovery, and living the narrative of the story we can create to ourselves. But of course, the reality of things comes in parallel with building things, regardless of how much you seize to create and unleash the imagination, it is necessary to snap back to reality. But what if you do not? What if you have the chance to create something that is impossible, an actual space that breaks the norms of structure and construction. A tool that can break the rules of gravity, and embodies any object, creature, or character. This, for me, is what virtual reality can do, and why I pursed my master degree in design for VR.

The universe doesn't seize in expanding through time, and so is design. From interior architecture drawings to virtual reality technologies, design is an experience that captures different notions from different fields, but all connected under one artistic approach. Virtual experiences can be found anywhere, in a 2D collage, a 3D space, or a 4d environment. It all depends on what the user wishes to reach. My aim is to create these worlds, to teleport the user, whether virtually or physically, digitally or spatially, into an immersive experience with a story to be heard, visuals to be seen, and emotions to be felt. 

It is a technology that is able to create solutions, in any domain for that matter, where basically the opportunities are endless, ranging from games and animations, data visualization and statistics, to business and marketing, reaching architecture and design, the revolution of the user-computer interaction will touch all these fields in the upcoming future. This is why I find the skill of virtual reality a key to open a horizon of opportunities that I would hopefully have a chance to meet.



Madrid, Spain

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